Like a princess



Good morning, my people, ¿ how have you been ?

Thursdays are usually special days because there are always a number of things to do and get out of the routine before the weekend, yesterday i chose this look, yes again to come out and something classic, i know that some girls have asked me to make looks more urban and i’ll make it surely yes, and with the heels i can less now, because years ago i hurt my ankle and every time it bothers me more, it’s a fact that for my day to day I’m dressed more urban, with my jeans and sneakers and i will take the time for more proposals of that kind, because after all they are the kind of outfit that  we use more, unless it is because of your work that you have to be dressed in a more formal way.



The truth is that these days you have to have a lot of courage just to get out, with the cold it does, that’s why i prefer to take the photos at home before leaving, so i don’t deprive myself of sharing with you.

I don’t know what to call it, it’s like a dress but not conventional, because it’s open before, and the way it opens and so close to the waist with that infinity of folds I felt like a princess. Of course I’ll wear it again soon.

These  heels are those that i spoke to you in another recent post, these would be the highest and suggests that they are the same if it is not for the height.

I really like African prints, i started loving them a lot more and every time i find a way to include them more in my wardrobe more often.



I hope you like it and to know ¿ how you girls could have chosen to wear this look ?

The black dress that i have underneath i have it since a while ago, is from: Missagi London

Wax dress: Vintage from Burkina Faso

Heels: Zara

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