Hello my people, ¿how you doing? finally it’s Thursday! Go out with that special person can always be an excuse to fix yourself a little more, and look beautiful, but you don’t need an external excuse, you are that main reason why you would want to look good each and every day. ¿Perfection? You already have it, it’s you!! don’t look for it, be yourself, value what you have in your life and take care of it.   Dress: Zara Coat: Zara Bag: Chanel Glasses: Tom Ford TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK COMMENT, GO! GO! GO!

Be different!

  That garment that you have never put for fear of what they will say, or how they will look at you. That weird complement , extravagant or just that one you think it’s uncomfortable but you love how it looks with others girls. Put it on, fearlessly put it on and dare, feel the sensation of being different, free yourself from prejudices for a moment and be yourself, or not, what else, be someone different without renouncing your essence. Be that person you want to be just for that moment, then you go back to your ordinary style as…

Like a princess

    Good morning, my people, ¿ how have you been ? Thursdays are usually special days because there are always a number of things to do and get out of the routine before the weekend, yesterday i chose this look, yes again to come out and something classic, i know that some girls have asked me to make looks more urban and i’ll make it surely yes, and with the heels i can less now, because years ago i hurt my ankle and every time it bothers me more, it’s a fact that for my day to day I’m…

White is the new Black

Good morning my people, today i share this look that i dressed on Saturday to go to a dinner with friends. Before the doubt of not knowing all the people who were going to be there, because after dinner, there was a meeting, and you don´t know how the people will go dressed, you don´t know whether if to go too much or not t, So i think that with this outfit you go for the occasion without needing to be too much. The heels i wore i have  two similar, black but with different height, and i put the lowest…

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