Be different!


That garment that you have never put for fear of what they will say, or how they will look at you.

That weird complement , extravagant or just that one you think it’s uncomfortable but you love how it looks with others girls.

Put it on, fearlessly put it on and dare, feel the sensation of being different, free yourself from prejudices for a moment and be yourself, or not, what else, be someone different without renouncing your essence. Be that person you want to be just for that moment, then you go back to your ordinary style as you feel comfortable and identified.

But really, nothing happens, daring to try something new is always an idea that will give you new experiences.

With these earrings my boyfriend tells me that i look like Jada Pinkett Smith in the movie “Menace 2 society”. Then i loved my look a lot more, it doesn’t bother me at all the idea of looking like her, and i like my super earrings.

And when i went to buy them just to see them i knew they were from those items, clothing accessories … that you see in photos, magazines or someone’s Instagram but then you know that they are impossible to carry, yes indeed they are, but i love how they suit me and that is the important thing at this precise moment.

I like the sweatshirt because of the detail of the sleeves with the leopard print, that’s why it caught my attention, because if not, it would be very common, and i like unusual things.

I think it’s a good look to start the week in a daring way, you can always do without this high-heeled booties and jump into sneakers, or any other flat shoe, where comfort will be the main element.

Have a good start to week my people.

My best wishes.



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